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Prof. Björn Thorsteinsson, Agricultural University of Iceland.
Telephone (+354) 433 5000 Fax (+ 354) 433 5001 E-mail editor@ias.is

Associate editors:
Prof. Bjarni D. Sigurdsson, Agricultural University of Iceland, IS 311 Borgarnes.
Dr. Sigurdur Ingvarsson, Keldur, Institute for Experimental Pathology, University of Iceland

Editoral board:

Dr. Bryndís Marteinsdóttir Land and Forest Iceland
Dr. Brynjar Skúlason Land and Forest Iceland
M.Sc. Gunnfríður Elín Hreiðarsdóttir – The Icelandic Agricultural Advisory Centre (RML)
Dr. Jón S. Ólafsson – Marine and Freshwater Res. Inst.
Dr. Ólöf Sigurðardóttir – Inst. Exp. Pathol., Univ. Iceland
Dr. Sæmundur Sveinsson – Icel. Food Biotech R&D Inst.

Preferably submit your manuscript electronically in a Word format to: editor@ias.isSubmissions

If you need to mail the editor then address it to:
The Editor of IAS, Björn Thorsteinsson, Agricultural University of Iceland, Hvanneyri, IS-311 Borgarnes, ICELAND.